Updating donation details or stopping donations

Log in as Fundraiser and select the "Donations" tab of your account. (If you do not have a password, please use the "Forgot password" option first)

Stop a recurring donation

Select the "Donations" tab of your account and click on "Recurring donations". Click on "Edit" next to the donation instruction, then on “Stop” in the popup window.

Note: If a "Recurring donations" tab is not displayed, no recurring donations are active on your donor account. 

Change details of a recurring donation

Go to “Recurring Donations” and click on "Edit" next to the relevant donation instruction. Make the changes as required in the popup window and click "Update".

Note: Changes to recurring donation instructions can only be made with card or bank account details that are listed on your "Payment details" section. To switch to a new credit card or new bank account details for this recurring donation, first follow the steps below, then return and edit the recurring instruction.

Note: If no alternative payment details are available and card payment details need to be made to an active recurring donation instruction, the recurring donation instruction will need to be stopped first by the donor - see steps above.

Add new payment details

To add a new payment method, simply set up a new donation instruction by visiting the relevant donation page and completing the donation process - the payment details will be securely stored afterwards under "Settings > Payment details".

Remove existing payment details

Click on the "Settings" tab, then on "Payment details". Click on "Remove" next to a payment method you no longer wish to use for online donations.

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