Transfer schedules and donations with pending status

A "Pending" status in the "Transferred" column of your donation report means that the donation has not yet been cleared for a transfer to your charity bank account.

Donations are transferred to your charity account in batches, per currency, on the first Monday after a 14-day period has lapsed (since the date of the donation).

Note: Transfers of donations in a particular currency will only be made if the total amount to be transferred in that currency (check this under “Reports” and “Transfers” in the "Amount" column) is equal to or higher than the minimum transfer limit for that currency (check this under “Settings” and “Transfers”). To initiate a transfer for totals in the Balance column, simply lower the minimum transfer limit - the transfer will then occur on the following Monday. 

Transfers limits are originally set at the default limit (see below) and can be lowered or increased as needed.

Please allow up to six business days for the transferred amount to reflect in your charity bank account, ie. the amount should reflect in your bank account on the following Tuesday, or latest Wednesday. 

Tip: Increasing your minimum transfer limit per currency will enable you to save on the batch transfer fees charged by banks, but will result in longer intervals between payments.

Transfer limits per currency: Default transfer limit; minimum transfer limit.
AUD - Australian Dollar: 900; 60.
CAD - Canadian Dollar: 900; 60.
CHF - Swiss franc: 900; 40.
DKK - Danish Krone: 6000; 280.
EUR - Euro: 600; 40.
GBP - Pound Sterling: 600; 30.
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar: 6000; 320.
NOK - Norwegian Krone: 6000; 440.
NZD - New Zealand Dollar: 900; 60.
SEK - Swedish Krona: 6000; 410.
SGD - Singapore Dollar: 900; 60.
USD - United States Dollar: 900; 40.
ZAR - South African Rand: 500; 50.

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