Adding a donate button on your official Facebook Page

Aim: To enable visitors to your charity's Facebook page to donate via your GivenGain charity profile.

Note: You'll need to be an administrator of your charity's Facebook page to perform this action.

First, ensure that you are logged out of your GivenGain account, then locate your GivenGain charity profile on our platform by using the "Search GivenGain" field, and view it.

In a new browser tab, visit your charity's Facebook page and click on "Add a Button" at the top right below the cover image. (If you already have a call to action button set up, click on it, then select "Edit button") In the "Choose a Button" drop-down menu, select "Donate". (The "Donate" option will only be available if your page category is "Non-profit organisation" or "Non-governmental organisation (NGO)")

On your GivenGain charity profile, select your preferred URL to use for the Facebook donate button link. This could be the the URL of the charity profile, a charity campaign, even the charity campaign donation page - it all depends on which page you wish to feature as the donate button landing page.

When done, click on "Create" in the popup window. The "Donate" button should display at the top right of your charity's Facebook page, below the cover image.

Important: Hover your cursor over the "Donate" button and select "Test button" to ensure that it is set up correctly. If not, edit the button and change the URL. 

Tip: When the "Donate" button is set up on your charity's Facebook page, why not add a post on your Facebook page to let everyone know about it? Invite your fans to visit your Facebook page and click on the "Donate" button to set up a donation for you!

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