Adding the GivenGain Teams widget to your website

You can pick any combination of elements from your GivenGain Teams event page to display automatically as a widget on your public website, providing an up-to-date showcase of your event specifics and successes and enabling fundraisers to join your fundraising effort directly from your website.

Log in to your Teams account, then select the "Manage" tab next to a created event. From the "Manage event" dropdown menu, select "Widgets". Choose to display the widget in portrait or landscape orientation & which elements of your event page you would like to display. Use the "Preview widget" button to view your preferred widget layout, then copy the code below it.

Next, paste the code into the html code of your website or blog. Rather than having to navigate to your Teams event page on GivenGain, visitors to your web page can now simply click on the widget to start fundraising for your event.

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