Setting up your Teams profile

Complete your Teams profile

Select the "Manage account" option from the dropdown menu. Complete all required fields by adding information about your company or event organiser, uploading a logo and selecting your preferred location and display currency. When done, save the page. View the page live and edit the profile as needed.

Add an event

On the dashboard or from the dropdown menu, select the "Create new event" option.

Step 1: Complete all required fields by adding information about your event.

  • What type of event is it? A sport race, corporate CSI campaign, personal team activity or school/university event?
  • Where will it take place and can any fundraiser join?
  • Is there an end-date and can any charity be selected as beneficiary? (If your beneficiary charity is not yet registered and active on GivenGain, have them apply for a charity account first.)

Preview your event to ensure it displays correctly. Edit the event as needed and when done, make it live.

Step 2: Invite supporters to fundraise

  • Create an e-mail database of supporters, participants, media and corporate partners.
  • Upload it (or manually add e-mail addresses) and send out a bulk invite!

Step 3: Share your Teams event online

  • Enable your website visitors to join your Teams event by adding a link.
  • Share it regularly via social media and provide updates on the success of your Teams event.

Examples of Teams profiles set up with a logo and great event content:

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