Creating an event

On the dashboard or from the dropdown menu, select the "Create new event" option.

Step 1: Complete all required fields by adding information about your event.

  • What type of event is it? A sport race, corporate CSI campaign, personal team activity or school/university event?
  • Where will it take place and can any fundraiser join?
  • Is there an end-date and can any charity be selected as beneficiary? (If your beneficiary charity is not yet registered and active on GivenGain, have them apply for a charity account first.)

Preview your event to ensure it displays correctly. Edit the event as needed and when done, make it live.

Step 2: Invite supporters to fundraise

  • Create an e-mail database of supporters, participants, media and corporate partners.
  • Upload it (or manually add e-mail addresses) and send out a bulk invite!

Step 3: Share your Teams event online

  • Enable your website visitors to join your Teams event by adding a link.
  • Share it regularly via social media and provide updates on the success of your Teams event.

See examples of events with great content here.

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