Creating a fundraiser project

To start raising funds as a fundraiser for a charity you care about, check that the charity has a public charity profile on GivenGain by clicking on "Search" and entering the name of your charity. If registered on GivenGain, it will appear under the Charities section.

Now click on "Start Fundraising" at the top of the page and register with your Google / Facebook account or with an email address and login. Select to fundraise as part of an event (e.g. a cycling race in which you can participate) or as a solo fundraiser.

If raising funds using an event, search for the relevant event page and click "Select". 

Now select up to 5 charities you'd like to raise funds for and click "Continue". (An event page may have some restrictions in this regard, depending on how it was set up.) If you have selected more than 1 beneficiary charity, adjust how donations must be split between the charities. Use the lock icon to set the % per charity. When ready, click on "Create project".

Now you'll be able to:
• add images and a YouTube video
• edit the project title
• edit the project fundraising target amount and currency
• edit the project end date
• edit the story copy
• add or edit an update on your project page

When ready, click on "Looks good! Make it live" and use the sharing options to share your new project with the world. Good luck and have fun!

Tip: Upload an image and/or video on your project page to make your fundraising idea more attractive to your donors.

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