Obtaining tax certificate donor data

GivenGain does not issue tax certificates to donors on behalf of charities*, but if your charity is registered to do so, you can get all the necessary donor and donation information to generate tax certificates from your GivenGain reports.

Step 1: Drawing a donation report to generate tax certificate data

Under Reports > Donations, use the Period date ranges to select your country's financial year, then click ‘Apply’ to view the results. If you’ve added any off-platform donations and need these to be included in the reports too, go to the Source filter and select All.

Enter a name for your results (and view) in the 'Give a name to this view' field and then click on 'Save View' and 'Export'. You’ll receive a notification via e-mail containing a link to download your report.

Step 2: Preparing the data

In the downloaded spreadsheet you will be able to view the following relevant fields and data for all donations:

  • Contribution ID (unique to each donation instruction)
  • Date of donation
  • Donor first and last name
  • Donor e-mail address
  • Donor address
  • Donor country
  • Amount and currency of donation


  1. Sort according to Donor e-mail, then Contribution ID to group a regular donor's payments together, enabling you to issue a combined tax certificate for the full total they donated during the financial year in question. 
  2. Filter by Donor country to display only donors from your country, if needed.
  3. Note that any fees covered by the donor should be EXCLUDED from the tax certificate amount 

Now add the data, per donor, to your country's tax certificate template (or preferred format), save it as a PDF and e-mail the tax certificate to the donor. Don’t forget to add a message thanking them for their contribution!

Need to automate your tax certificate issuing? Have a look at services such as SalesForce that are designed to solve this administrative task for you!

*Some national tax authorities may accept GivenGain donation receipts as proof of a charitable donation. For more information on this, please consult your country’s tax regulations. 

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