Drawing detailed reports

Select the 'Reports' tab of your charity account to generate the following reports:

Draw a donation report (Reports > Donations)

For any donations received over any period.

Filter by frequency, transferred status, time period and any or all of the following: beneficiary campaign, fundraiser or donor. Then click on 'Confirm' and click 'Apply' to view the results.

Off-platform donations can be displayed and exported as part of your donation reports – read more.

Note: Export a report

Enter a name for your results (and view) in the 'Give a name to this view' field and then click on 'Save View' and 'Export'. A notification will be sent via email, with a link to start the download.

Draw a transfer report (Reports > Transfers)

For all donations already transferred to your charity bank account, per currency and per transfer event.

Draw a charity campaign report (Reports > Campaigns)

For the status of your charity campaigns, their fundraising goals and amounts raised.

Draw a fundraiser project report (Reports > Fundraiser projects)

For the status of your fundraiser projects, their fundraising goals and amounts raised.

*For UK charities:

Draw a GiftAid report (Reports > GiftAid)

For all donations received by UK donors who have selected GiftAid to be included in their donation. View the list of donors and export the GiftAid schedules and declarations, to claim GiftAid from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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