Viewing and exporting off-platform donations as part of your donation reports

All off-platform donations that you have added to a campaign are also available in your donation reports. They can be viewed online or exported separately or together with online donations processed via the GivenGain platform.

Select the 'Reports > Donations' tab of your charity account.

For any donations received for any period: Filter by source, time period and any or all of the following: beneficiary campaign, fundraiser, donor, and event.

To view donations made outside GivenGain only, select 'Off-platform donations' from the Source dropdown, or select 'All' for a blended view of on-platform and off-platform donations, then click on 'Confirm and 'Apply' to view the results.


The Status column in the donation report results will clearly indicate whether a donation came through GivenGain or from another source (displayed as Off-platform donation).



Export a report

First enter a name for your results (and view) in the 'Give a name to this view' field. Click on 'Save view', then click on 'Export'. A notification will be sent to your registered e-mail address with a link to start the download.


  • Exported donation reports will include all available information on any anonymous off-platform donations, although only the date and amount will be publicly displayed in the donation list on your campaign page (and linked fundraiser page and event page, if applicable).
  • In the exported report, the following fields are left blank for off-platform donations:
    • Contribution ID and Donor ID
    • E-mail address and Address
    • Frequency and Status (of successful processing)
    • Transferred (date), Transfer ID and Donor covered fees
  • In the exported report, the donor message is also included (if one has been added).

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