Adding a donation link on your official website to your GivenGain charity profile

Aim: To enable your website visitors to easily donate to one of the campaigns on your GivenGain charity profile.

More than 95% of donations via your GivenGain charity profile come from your own official website, or from your  social media posts or emails, where you share a link to your GivenGain charity profile. Ensuring that your website has a link to your GivenGain charity profile or campaign is therefore an extremely important step in your online fundraising process. 

Why have a GivenGain donation link on your website?

  • It enables your charity to receive donations in various currencies
  • With the "donor cover fee" option on the donation page, and with over 90% of donors covering the donation fee on your behalf, it is by far the most economical way to receive online donations.

How to add a GivenGain link on your official website:

1. Check that your GivenGain charity profile is set up and visible online to the public (login and select "Charity profile" from the top right dropdown menu). If your profile does not display, you'll need to add at least 1 new campaign page on your profile. (How to add a campaign page

2. Your GivenGain charity profile will then display your active charity campaign page(s) (scroll down to "Our Campaigns"), enabling you to view a yellow "Give" button at the top of the charity profile page and on the campaign page as well. 

3. Copy either the GivenGain charity profile URL (link) or click on a campaign page to copy that campaign's URL in the top URL bar. Or click on "Give" on a campaign page to use the campaign donation page URL.

4. On your own official website, click on the "Donate" button on your navigation section, to visit your website's donation page. (Or add a donation button and page if these don't exist yet.)

5. Add any of the GivenGain logos (see attached below) to your donation page. Then use the URL of your choice (as per step 4) and link it to the logo. Set the link to open in a new tab.

View some examples here:


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