Adding a thank-you message to donation notifications

Aim: To create a thank-you message that will be included as part of the automated e-mail donation notification sent to a donor.

To send a thank-you message to donors who donate to your charity directly on your charity page, go to  "Settings > Account" and tick the "Send a thank-you message to your donors" box. Type the thank-you message you want them to receive and click "Save".


  • The message sent to donors when they make direct donations will also be sent to those who make donations on your campaign pages or fundraiser projects, unless a specific thank-you message has been created as part of the campaign (by the charity) or project (by the fundraiser).

To send a thank you-message to donors who donate on a campaign page, go to "Campaigns" and click "Manage > Edit" next to the campaign name. Tick the "Send a thank-you message to your campaign's donors?" option under "Custom thank-you message", add the message you want to send to donors and click on "Save".

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