Adding offline donations from non-GivenGain sources to your GivenGain total

Now you can include donations received from other sources in your GivenGain charity campaign total – including in-person donations or direct bank transfers.

To add any non-GivenGain donations to your charity campaign, log into your GivenGain profile.

Tip: To find out which campaign is linked to an event page, first visit Reports > Events.

Select "Campaigns" from the menu on your dashboard.

Find the campaign you want to add off-platform donations to and click "Manage > Overview".

Click "Additional donations" in the row of tabs below the four main boxes.

Click on "Add additional donation" to add the details of an offline donation you received for your campaign, but not via your GivenGain donation page.


  • If your campaign is linked to an event page on GivenGain, you'll also be able to select an event to link the offline amount to. (Check with the event directly for your campaign to be added to their event page if needed)
  • If there are individual fundraising projects linked to your campaign page, you'll also be able to select a fundraising project to link the offline amount to.

Your publicly-displayed raised amount will increase by the amount you have entered on the "Additional donations" page. This will be visible on your charity page, the relevant campaign page, and the selected events and fundraising projects linked to the campaign. A disclaimer will be added to these totals indicating that it includes donations received from other sources.

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