Fixing a failed donation

There are several reasons a donation may fail:

  • Insufficient funds in the your account
  • The donation exceeds pushes your card payments over the daily payment card limit
  • Your card has expired
  • The card or account details are incorrect

In some rare cases, a bank may also decline your donation after it was initially processed, as banks on occasion perform random checks to ensure the donation was intended.

Your bank may also flag the donation due to the GivenGain Foundation being based in Switzerland (for donations to non-US charities) and therefore possibly
outside your country. This is a standard response from some banks as a
 security measure, but this restriction can be lifted by your bank.

If your donation has failed, please speak to your bank to ask why and see what can be done to fix the error it failed. Once the error problem has been fixed or avoided, return to the donation page on GivenGain and try to donate again.

If the donation has failed because of something on your bank’s side:
Unfortunately, if the donation has failed because of your bank, GivenGain will not be unable to find out why, because banks are unable to disclose that information to anyone except the bank account holder.

If the donation continues to be declined and your bank has confirmed that it has not been declined by them:
If the donation continues to be declined, please contact GivenGain and we will check the donation.

Note: A recurring donation instruction that was declined and stopped by the bank can't be restarted by GivenGain. The donor will need to set up a new recurring donation instruction.

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